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Jan 28

* tear *

Did you know something so sad is happening in my hometown right now? ALL THE WORLD MARKET STORES ARE CLOSING!!! THIS IS SO DEPRESSING FOR ME! I cannot fathom not having a World Market within driving distance of my house! Where will I get my awesome Christmas presents for next year? How will I find yummy food and tiny carved animals and scarves and aprons with birds of paradise on them and giant paper lanterns and amazing chocolate bars from Germany? Nowhere! Who else sells nasty lemon flavored soda water and glass Rolleiflex camera Christmas ornaments as beautifully as they? No one, I tell you! World Market is the best place to buy these things. It’s also the ONLY place I have found that I can actually afford, and the only place I know of that has free samples of the pricey and delicious foreign food every Saturday. YUM. I love them dearly! HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME?!?

* sigh *

Between this and not having a tree frog, my week has been such a sad one.

The only good and uplifting part of this is that they are probably having liquidation sales to get rid of everything, which means I can stock up on awesome things much more cheaply than before. I just hope everyone else hasn’t beaten me to the shell bead curtains or the marzipan fruit.

Alicia <3

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