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Jan 27

free fun (and frogs)

Lately I’ve been stalking certain craigslist ads (not users) and some of the things I’ve come across are pretty funny/unusual/awesome. Like for example, today I found an ad for a salt truck (I’m not sure, but I don’t think I need one of those). This afternoon, I saw a lop-eared bunny for sale, Sunday there was a free steel futon, and yesterday, someone NEAR MY HOUSE was getting rid of a real live tree frog. I nearly cried knowing I couldn’t take it home and love it forever. I would even build it its own tree, right in my room, and it could hop around and be adorable for all eternity. I could buy it a friend tree frog too, so they could be cute together and thrive mutually (supposedly they do better in pairs anyway). And, I would be willing to buy crickets AND handle them, if it meant my froggy’s happiness… But alas. It was not meant to be. I have siblings, and a cat, and a budget, all of which add problems to my heavenly scenario…


Craigslist certainly can be a heartbreaker for frog lovers like myself.

On the other hand, they did get me a job, so the pain is almost worth it. Kind of.

Alicia <3

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