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May 14

my life in review

Well, maybe not all of my life, but some of it. Here are the highlights of what’s been up lately:

- I did get the promised pink fuzzy dice for my car. They are so fuzzy and dicelike. My parents also got my car fixed, so I’ve been driving it. It has undeniable zoom factor, but yes, I have been driving the speed limit. Usually.

- I went to prom. I wore my mom’s lace dress as I said I would back in the fall, with black accessories, and somehow my mom managed to give me an updo even though my hair isn’t even long enough to put it into a ponytail yet (the power of hairspray is now more evident to me than ever before). Anyway, it was fun to dress up, but boring to attend. Dancing with strangers is not all that enjoyable for me, and I needed tacos or something instead of dainty little cookies. I also realized while at prom that I have forgotten how to do the macarena. This is a concern for me, since apparently everyone else in high school knows how. Note to self: next time, I will dress up at home and eat real food and dance with my sister instead, to songs I actually know. Like the chicken dance (which I may or may not remember any better than the macarena).

- I graduated. This is kind of a big deal I suppose, so I will blog about it more in depth at a later date. I also had my open house, which also has alot of details and stories to go with it. But for now, I’ll just say that the post-graduation-thank-you-card stage has arrived, and I have accidentally inhaled a lot of rubber cement fumes over the past few days.

- My brother is still practicing his accidental stand-up comedy. Today he was examining a strainer in the kitchen, and I said, “Do you know what that’s for?” He said yes, he did know what it was for, and it was “an organizer.” “It puts the small things outside and keeps the big things inside,” as he put it.

- Sarah is now on a 1200 calorie a day diet. She is having so much fun adding up all the calories she eats, it’s almost hilarious. I am trying to beat her in number of calories per day because I could stand to gain weight, but so far I am just not winning. I think it’s because though I pride myself in eating lots of calories, I can’t fit nearly as much food in me as she can. But stay tuned, I will persevere.

- Anna is learning to stand up by herself. She practices a lot in the bathtub, of all places. For a while there she was saying “hi” like crazy and she still has days where that’s her thing, but now she has also moved on to babbling like a maniac. The sound she makes cannot be accurately imitated or written down… But it is hilarious. You know Kirby from the Chicken Little movie when he gets excited? It sounds alot like that, and Anna even has the blue eyes and fuzzy hair to go with it. She only has two eyes though, but personally I’m okay with that.

Well, that’s about all I can think of at the moment. If I forgot something important, don’t worry. I’ll come back soon. (sooner than I have lately, promise.)

Alicia <3

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Apr 26

my super duper graduation present

I sold my old car to someone (yes, of course I cried) for $150. I have noticed that sentimental value has NO value in the business world /: The good news is, the person buying it was going to try to repair it and resell it for profit, so my baby car may not go to the junkyard just yet. It got towed away that afternoon, and that night before bed Liam said to me, “It’s okay ‘leesha, we’ll get you a new car tomorrow.” Lol.

So, after selling it, I plunged myself into the car buying market. At least one Mustang, several Saturns and Pontiacs, an ‘89 Camaro (I KNOW!), aand a few miscellaneous cars later, I found one. In short, I got new wheels for graduation! And not just any wheels… dun dun dunnnn…. A ‘98 Dodge Avenger! Okay, so mine doesn’t look like the one in the above picture. That’s just to help you out with realizing my car’s potential. My actual car is the one below. It has a leather interior and all sorts of good stuff. At the moment it needs a control arm and struts, but we got it for about $2,000 which is pretty great if you ask me. The sales guy who sold it to us was amazing. He apparently scrubbed the entire car on his knees before my dad drove it home – that and he was concerned about it being a smoker’s car previously so he gave us like two or three extra air fresheners just in case. lol. Also the important part is, it runs.

Here’s the breakdown on why it’s a great car:

I like it because it’s sporty but safe, pleases both parents, is small enough that I don’t feel like I’m driving a dump truck, and is big enough that if I hit a mailbox I will survive. Also there’s the part about how boys will envy me… Oh wait, did I say that?

My sister likes it because it goes fast and it has a tape deck, so we can listen to Zoegirl really loudly.

My brother is just excited that it’s a car, but he also likes climbing through the backseat into the trunk.

My mom is happy that it has good crash test ratings and airbags.

My dad is pretty much ready to enter the world of street racing.

If it’s too boring for you in all black, don’t worry. Male readers, cover your eyes for my next statement: I’ll be adding a significant amount of pink to this car. Hopefully in the form of racing stripes and definitely in the form of fuzzy dice. My dad has also proposed neon ground kits, but I haven’t found out whether those are actually legal here yet… which could possibly be an issue if you know what I mean.

And I won’t be racing it, by the way. I’m sure you are all so glad [:

Alicia <3

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Apr 06

the scoop

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been super busy. I’m beginning to realize that people who blog every day must not have lives.

My car is not fixed. The first shop we took it to just happened to be out of business and we didn’t even know (it was after hours when we dropped it off). So, we brought it back home. Then we took it to another shop. They said nothing was wrong with it – of course, it started for them and behaved beautifully the whole time, why is this? – and so we brought it home again. the next day my mom drove it someplace without a problem, and in the afternoon I was all set to drive myself to dance class… And it wouldn’t start.

I am beginning to think my car has betrayed me. It hurts.

So goes the saga of my car up to this point. It’s sitting in the driveway, mostly dead. And I am having to schedule everything around my mom because I have to use her van if I want to go anywhere. I’m not really that bothered by it, but it would just be so much nicer if my car would cooperate. Oh well.

Besides my car, there has been some other stuff keeping me busy. I graduate on May 2nd so I’m trying to wrap a lot of stuff up for that. Took the ACT yet again on Saturday, which was exhausting (always is for me. other people don’t seem to have this problem). I love how the rules of the test barely let students breathe while in the testing room, but the teacher administering the test can kick back at his computer and check his email while drinking coffee. So, so unfair. All I want is a sip of water in the middle of the horrendous math test! – which seems much more reasonable than coffee. I guess at least the guy wasn’t mean or anything. He kind of had a sense of humor, which was good, but he wasn’t really acting nice. you know? I’m sure he is normally nice, but he probably isn’t as nice when he has to get up at like six on a Saturday to sit in a stone silent room for 4 hours. At least that’s how it goes for me. Last year, I had like the nicest ACT test teacher person ever. I don’t even remember why I liked him. He was just funny and cool about the whole thing. I still remember his name because it was on the wall in his classroom. If I went to public school, I’d pick that school just so I could be in his class.

Okay maybe not.

Anyway, with graduation, senior banquet, prom AND spring formal coming up in the next 2-3 months, I am in a quandary about dresses. Now, I realize you people don’t care what I wear, but I do and I don’t know what to wear. I bought a purple dress for one of the above, but I don’t know which one. I have that lace one I was going to wear to fall formal but didn’t which I was going to wear to prom, but now that I have the purple one I might wear it to prom and wear the lace one for spring formal and just wear church clothes for senior banquet, and that leaves graduation, on which we have already spent so much money and I hate to buy a dress for it. * inhale * Sorry.

So, that’s about all that’s happening with me. Oh, that and I bought a chandelier and found some jewelry from the 50’s, and I wish I could go back in time and live in the era of gumball machine and cereal box charms.

Alicia <3

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Mar 13

an ode to my baby car

This picture shows how I feel about my car being broken. It’s even raining in the picture, which is appropriate (you’ll see why). Yes, my car broke. It wasn’t really my fault either. I mean, it kind of was since I was driving, but I didn’t do anything mean to it. I just went to Divine Truth and parked and when I got out of the store, it wouldn’t start anymore. It wasn’t the first time this has happened, but it was the first time that waiting a little while didn’t help. I did try waiting a bit. I shopped more at Divine Truth for a while. Then I crossed the street and went to Walgreens. Then I crossed the street again and went to Big Lots. Then I was bored, and my car still wouldn’t start… So I called my mommy. She said she would rescue me. So I sat in my car and rolled down the windows and listened to Group One Crew and tried to look inconspicuous without falling asleep. Mom got there eventually but it took a long time so we thought maybe THEN it would start. But no. So I had to leave my baby car in the parking lot and go home without it.

Now, I must interrupt and tell you about my baby car. It’s older than me. It has a lot of rust, to the point where you can pull entire chunks of stuff off the back above the wheel wells. It has some quirks, like how the windows whine and moan and carry on when you roll them up and down, or like how the lights randomly get dimmer and brighter while driving. Also if you put it in park after running errands and leave it running, the engine revvs itself like 15 times (sometimes more) and you can watch the RPM guage go up and down and up and down and up and down… If you turn the wipers on, I swear it can tell whether it’s precipitating or not, because the wipers move faster when it’s raining. If you put the wipers on “high” when it’s raining, they look and sound like they are going to fly right off the car. Sometimes, when my car is having a bad day, it gets stuck in park and I have to use an extra key to put it in drive. This summer, I had to duct tape my muffler back on in a stranger’s driveway because it fell off while I was going somewhere. When I turn corners, the front wheels make this horrible ticking/clunking sound, but if I make a wider corner and use more gas it is quiet. And also, cold weather causes the key to stick in the ignition, so in the winter I have one car key in the ignition pretty much 24/7 and one set of keys to carry with me so I can get IN my car.

Now here’s the weird part – none of that was complaining. I just really KNOW my car. And I haven’t even been driving for more than like two years. Weird. As much as I appreciate the idea of a more reliable car, I might get depressed if I have to sell this ridiculous thing.

Anyway, with all of that fresh in your minds, consider how sad it was for me to leave my baby car in the parking lot all by itself. It got even worse when my dad and I went back to get it later and it wouldn’t start then either. I had to leave it there AGAIN, and that night it rained and poured and thundered and I felt sad about my car being all by itself far away from home. A day later, in the freezing cold, we went back AGAIN. This time we tried carburetor cleaner, engine starter fluid, the works (for future reference, neither Big Lots nor Walgreens sells carburetor fluid – go straight to Walmart). My poor baby car tried its best, but it just wouldn’t quite turn over… So we left it there again, this time with a note since we didn’t want it impounded: “I’m not abandoned, just broken. Someone will come back for me.” That time, between the freezing rain and the biting wind and the lonely parking lot, was nearly the breaking point for me. I almost cried. Seriously.

On Monday morning we had to have it towed home. My brother was thrilled to have a tow truck coming to our house. I was thrilled to see my car, although the towing guy didn’t park it straight. My parents weren’t thrilled about the cost of towing.

Today during a miraculous and extremely lucky moment, my dad somehow got it running. I drove it straight to the shop for fear that if we shut it off again, it would be toast. And now here I am, waiting for my baby car to be fixed and come back home again – hopefully SOON.

Is it so wrong to have a dirty old rusty car as my true love? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Alicia <3

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