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Jun 27

merely breathing

Last night I was reading Isaiah chapter 2 and verse 22 says:

Stop trusting in mere humans, 
    who have but a breath in their nostrils.
        Why hold them in esteem?

I’m sure there is more than one way to interpret this verse, but I just really felt an emphasis on but a breath. I started thinking about how we only ever have one breath in us at any given time.

When I breathe out, I don’t have any more breath until I take another one. I can’t really take two breaths at once, or even a half a breath, even if I’m feeling the need to do something impressive. A breath is just a breath.

I mean, there are even deep sea divers that can hold their breath for a long time compared to the average person, but they will still eventually run out of air. They only have that one limited supply of oxygen to nourish their body, until they reach the surface and get a new, fresh supply.

I was thinking how awesome it is that God only gives us one breath at a time. One day at a time. One season at a time.

It paces us. It requires trust. It fosters perspective. It diminishes our greatness as humans, and makes room for Someone Else to be in charge of our lives. It makes the most commonplace things suddenly seem miraculous. His plans for us are so wise, so perfect! His greatness no one can fathom.

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Jun 15

happy birthday, Sarah

Well, today you are fourteen!

I kind of feel like crying, but i’m happy for you too. This is exciting [;

In honor of your birthday, I have a few things that I feel are important to say.

First, I am so glad that we are so close. I have met many people who don’t even talk to their family members. I can’t imagine that. Your goofy nature makes hanging out with you so much fun, and I am thankful for your friendship.

Second, I know I can’t always be there for you in life. Every day I wish that I could give you the tried-and-true formula for how to survive growing up, but I don’t have the ultimate answer. You’re going to have to figure it out yourself (with God’s help of course)! But if you ever need advice or just want to talk about something, hopefully you already know that you can always come to me. I probably will make it horribly awkward but I really want to help, and I could buy you a shake or something.

I love all my siblings. I couldn’t play favorites even if I wanted to. But you were the first to make me a big sister – just one of the things that makes you special to me. I remember when you were born, and because i was the new big sister, I got free ice cream in the hospital cafeteria. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now that I’m older I know that being a big sister continues to be awesome even after the free ice cream is all gone, because I am so stinking proud of you.

I know that growing up is hard and confusing. I did that. I’m still doing that. And I know there are days where life sucks and you don’t feel like you’re worth much of anything. And I know I yell at you about getting out of bed on time and taking shorter showers and  not eating so much applesauce at one sitting – and that’s probably good advice, just saying – but I just really, truly want you to realize that you are already amazing. You are already talented. You are already beautiful. And if you keep your head up and do your best each day, it will only get better from here.

Happy birthday, sister <3

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Jun 12

how i feel about cow rugs

I am as big a fan of animals as any other person. Really, I love them. I think conservation is important and I think people are sometimes really irresponsible when it comes to preserving certain animal species (or the earth in general, for that matter). I understand that for some people, their advocacy of choice is for animals, and that’s really important to them.

But just because some people are offended if there is a genuine cowhide rug on the floor doesn’t mean that the person who picked out that rug is going to rot in hell. You could be the president of PETA, and the cow rug people still don’t have to agree with you.  They don’t have to like your vote for president, or love your kitchen wall color, or use the same auto mechanic you do, nor do they have to agree that cows should not be rugs. Furthermore, there are a heck of a lot of cows around, if you haven’t noticed. I don’t think buying a cow rug will suddenly make Holsteins a thing of the past (or whatever type of cow it is that is most often rug-ified).

Okay, I’m done.