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Oct 28

remember me?

Hi. Remember me, the author of this neglected blog? lol. Yes, I’m still alive. A bunch has happened in my life since graduation, and I haven’t written about it all summer!!! So, let me catch you up a little (I know I promised graduation pics in my last post, but catching up is more important and quite frankly, other people’s pictures can be really boring so I’m doing this instead).

So, to start off I should tell you I am now in college full time. I am working towards an interior design degree, although I am not sure what will happen after I finish that in 2 years – I may go to another school or do another degree in art, I dunno. My classes right  now are Interior Design I and Textiles, they are pretty interesting but one of my teachers kind of scares me and the other one seems like she should be in school with me instead of teaching my classes. Oh well. It’s the credit hours that count, right?

Secondly, my life is now supplemented by the fact that I have a job. I work at the craft store (how perfect, huh?) and it is going well. My managers are quite reasonable. Almost all the employees are female so I am making a lot of friends and acquaintances. In case you were wanting to know, we don’t sell rubber bands. Sorry. Walmart is across the street.

Another thing you might want to know is that we bought some bunnies. Two of them. They are so cute. We got them as babies in June but they aren’t very small anymore. I never knew bunnies could be so noisy until we had some living in our basement. I will have to take recent pictures, but there’s a picture above of them at just a few weeks old (when we took them home). The one on the left is Herbert Ninninger and on the right is Sundae – named for the rabbit on Curious George and the kind of ice cream that is yummy, respectively. Herbert earned the nickname “the Terdinator” on the way home when we bought him, but Sundae has taken over that title. Meanwhile, Herbert loves to eat cheerios.

In other news, Anna is finally walking. Liam has become a Blue Angels fanatic. And Sarah is entering that phase of life where she would like to have her own phone to talk to her best friend whenever she wants. Ahhh, youth.

I can’t think of anything else noteworthy at the moment, except I was thinking of turning this into a design blog.


Thanks for reading! I will probably be busy right into next quarter, but I’ll try harder to blog more often. Have a cheesy day!

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